Hi! I am Arno, UX Strategist from Rotterdam. I help organisations connect with their audiences by optimizing digital touchpoints. Via collaborative research, workshops & prototypes we reduce clicks and establish smiles.

I currently work with Achmea (for Sogeti) to
improve pensions for general practitioners.

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Data Driven Mobility Dashboard for Gemeente Eindhoven

The city of Eindhoven has many different data sources to rely its urban mobility policy on. With the increase of E-mobility players, the available data increases daily. In order to map out an overview and the reliability of the sources to be able to implement solid data-driven government policy, Mustafa Akpolat and I were asked to organize a series of Design Thinking workshops in which the two municipal departments 'Mobility' and 'Geo & Data' work together on the realization of the Mobility Dashboard.

At the end of the project, we delivered an optimized dashboard prototype that will be realized within the municipality. And above all, the two departments learn to work together on digital information products.

Design Thinking Workshops
& App Prototyping (2020)


A Digital Twin for Gasunie

In 2021 Mustafa and I serviced Gasunie to envision the possibilities of a digital twin of their dutch gas network. The prototype we developed bundles sensory data from Gasunie's network with data sources within their IT landscape. By so, it enables data driven decision making regarding daily operations, predictive maintenance to futuristic implementation of the network (hydrogen, industrial heat, etc.). Winner Gasunie Innovation Challenge 2021.

UX Prototyping (2021)


Social Intranet for GLS Logistics

UX Design of GLS Intranet for Finance, Administration, Freight OPS, HR, IT, Customer Service and more. Functions as a centralized single-source-of-truth from business policies, documentation, reports, etc to a user centered information dashboard for all employees & departments.

UX Design (2020)


Private Jet Booking App for Global Jet Luxembourg

In 2019 I was asked to lead a UX design project for GlobalJet. This company provides the worldwide management of more than 60 private jets, relieving jet owners of maintenance, certification, logistics, chartering, etc. In order to meet the wishes of their younger customers, I was asked to develop a prototype of a booking app in a two-week project with which customers can book their flights themselves.

I conducted a series of workshops at the Luxembourg headquarters with GlobalJet's board and department heads to gain insight into internal consensus on how the app works. After 5 intensive days, the user flows and prototypes were agreed on Friday evening. In de 2nd week we worked on the development of the high-fidelity prototype, which could be tested by departments and customers for user feedback.

Design Lead (2019)


UX Strategy & Mobile App Design for Gemeente Gouda

To celebrate the 750th birthday of the city of Gouda, I was invited by Brand Urban Agency to develop the online strategy and UX design for the app Goudse Geheimen (Gouda's Secrets).

With this app the citizens of Gouda can contribute hidden stories related to the cities locations and share them with other citizens and Gouda's visitors. Geo location ensures the app notifies users as they enter a locations hidden story and discover the cities rich history.

UX Strategy & Design (2018)


Redesign Digital Landscape for Dordrechts Museum

Due to a organisational merger of the Dordrechts Museum with Huis Van Gijn and the Regional Archieve of Dordecht, Hoppinger was asked to propose a pitch on how to merge the online visability of the organisations. We proposed to develop a unified web builder by which the individual institutions can tell their unique stories withour losing their shared roots.

Additionaly, we proposed to setup a 4rd institution we called Het Verborgen Museum; an online platform for the institutions to collaborate on art and historic stories that overarch the individual institutions. Pitch Won!

Visual UI Design (2015)


Farmers Dashboard for Kverneland / Kubota

In the spring of 2021 i was asked to help Kverneland / Kubota prototype an application that empower farmers to optimize their productivity in a cost effective and sustainable manner. Kverneland / Kubota is a Norwegian Japanse manufacturer of agricultural machinery looking for innovative ways to service their clientele.

Together with the clients team we developed a dashboard prototype that combines machinery sensor data with GPS (exact machinery location), satellite information (moisture detection, insect infestations, plant health, etc.) & weather data to accurately seed, spray and spread without overlap.

Prototyping (2021)


E-Commerce Platform for Gibson Europe

To better help users find their ideal guitar in their wide and deep offering, Gibson Europe asked me to develop new user flows and landing pages for their European e-commerce platform. Many potential customers visited the Gibson website, but switched to another platform to actually buys their products. I have designed a content block system that enables Gibson to tell the unique story per product and to take visitors into the rich history of the brand and its products. By applying Cialdini principles (the kind ones 😉 ) to the user flows and the page layouts, we see an increase in conversion.

I have also enriched the existing Gibson corporate identity with typographic and visual elements, bringing Gibson's brand identity back to the center of time. Some of these elements have been taken over in Gibson's US webshop.

UX Strategy & Design (2018)


Platform Redesign for Adesa / KAR USA

KAR services 60% car brands active in the US market, by offering solutions to remarket their ex-lease car fleets. To prepare their platforms to hit the EU market, KAR asked me to redesign their applications UX. By organising a series of workshops with stakeholders, we collaboratively improved existing users flows from multiple user perspectives. To validate our assumptions we tested and improved our prototypes.

This led to the design of 7 applications to service managers, clients and business partners of KAR Adesa, ranging from AI vehicle damage inspectors, shipping marketplaces to geo-fenced auction lots and automating the vehicle bidding processes.

Design Lead (2019 - 2021)


Branding & UX for Showroom 11

Rotterdam' fashion agency Showroom 11 invited me to cater their new company's logo, visual identity and website. The result was appreciated by the Semplice community.

Branding & UX Design (2015)


Mobile Acquisition App for Friesland Campina

To help Friesland Campina sales department calculate the benefits of using its products by possible clients, I designed a tablet app that enables Sales to make offline calculations at the premisses of the client. By entering current and expected coffee and chocolate product usage in the future, the app calculates ideal machinery/product configurations.

UX Design (2015)



UX Research (Qualitative)
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Interaction Design
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UX & Product Roadmaps
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