Hi! I am Arno, UX Strategist from Rotterdam. I help organisations connect with their audiences by optimizing digital touchpoints. 
Via collaborative research, work-shops & prototypes we reduce clicks and establish smiles.

I currently work with Achmea (for Sogeti)
to improve pensions for general practitioners.

"Home is not a place… it’s a feeling"
Visual Design Portfolio

Platform Redesign for Adesa / KAR USA

KAR services 60% of the car brands active in the US market, by offering solutions to remarket their ex-lease car fleets. To prepare their platforms to hit the EU market, KAR asked me to redesign their applications UX. By organising a series of workshops with stakeholders, we collaboratively improved existing users flows from multiple user perspectives. To validate our assumptions we tested and improved our prototypes.

This led to the design of 7 applications to service managers, clients and business partners of KAR Adesa, ranging from AI vehicle damage inspectors, shipping marketplaces to geo-fenced auction lots and automated vehicle bidding processes.

UX Design Lead (2018 - 2020)


DVD Packaging & Visitors App for Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

Packaging design of two seasons of television series Boijmans TV (2011) for Studio Maslow, an absurdist docusoap about art, employees and visitors of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

Exhibition app design Nederland
⇄ Bauhaus - Pioneers of a New World (2019) that enables Boijmans visitors to see how and where the new ideas were shared between artists, architects and designers. The app highlights the important meeting points - the exhibitions, schools and organisations - where the pioneers influenced each other.

In close collaboration with Kuba Szutkowski of Studio Maslow, Locatify and Kummer Herrman.

Packaging & App Design (2011 & 2019)

UX Strategy & Mobile App Design for Gemeente Gouda

To celebrate the 750th birthday of the city of Gouda, I was invited by Brand Urban Agency to develop the online strategy and UX design for the app Goudse Geheimen (Gouda's Secrets).

With this app the citizens of Gouda can contribute hidden stories related to the cities locations and share them with other citizens and the Gouda's visitors. Geo location ensures the app user gets notified as they enter a locations hidden story and discover the cities rich history.

UX Strategy & Design (2018)

Redesign Digital Landscape for Dordrechts Museum. And more!

Due to a organisational merger of the Dordrechts Museum with Huis Van Gijn and the Regional Archieve of Dordecht, Hoppinger was asked to propose a pitch on how to merge the online visability of the organisations. We proposed to develop a unified web builder by which the individual institutions can tell their unique stories withour losing their shared roots.

Additionaly, we proposed to setup a 4rd institution we called Het Verborgen Museum; an online platform for the institutions to collaborate on art and historic stories that overarch the individual institutions. Pitch Won!

Visual UI Design (2015)

Data Driven Mobility Dashboard for Gemeente Eindhoven

The city of Eindhoven has many different data sources on which to base its urban mobility policy. With the increase of E-mobility players, the available data increases daily. In order to map out the overview and reliability of the sources and to be able to implement solid data-driven government policy, Mustafa Akpolat and I were asked to organize a series of Design Thinking workshops in which the two municipal departments 'Mobility' and 'Geo & Data' work together on the realization of the Mobility Dashboard.

At the end of the project, we delivered an optimized dashboard prototype that will be realized within the municipality. But above all, the two departments learn to work together on digital information products.

Design Thinking Workshops
& App Prototyping (2020)

Private Jet Booking App for Global Jet Luxembourg

In 2019 I was asked to lead a UX design project for GlobalJet. This company provides the worldwide management of more than 60 private jets, relieving jet owners of maintenance, certification, logistics, chartering, etc. In order to meet the wishes of their younger customers, I was asked to develop a prototype of a booking app in a two-week project with which customers can book their flights themselves.

I conducted a series of workshops at the Luxembourg headquarters with GlobalJet's board and department heads to gain insight into internal consensus on how the app works. After 5 intensive days, the user flows and prototypes were agreed on Friday evening. In de 2nd week we worked on the development of the high-fidelity prototype, which could be tested by departments and customers for user feedback.

UX Design Lead (2019)

E-Commerce Platform for Gibson Europe

To better help users find their ideal guitar in the wide and deep offering, Gibson Europe asked me to develop new user flows and landing pages for their European e-commerce platform. Many potential customers visited the Gibson website, but switched to another platform to actually buys their products. I have designed a content block system that enables Gibson to tell the unique story per product and to take visitors into the rich history of the brand and its products. By applying Cialdini principles to the user flows and the page layouts, we see an increase in conversion.

I have also enriched the existing Gibson corporate identity with typographic and visual elements, bringing Gibson's brand identity back to the center of time. Some of these elements have been taken over in Gibson's US webshop.

UX Design (2019)

Art Direction of Bikers Magazine for ANWB Motor

In a country with many bikers without a motor bike, ANWB asked me to facilitate the art direction of their new magazine Ride Style.

The magazine caters many stories on traveling by bike, bikers benefits in traffic, background stories on enthusiasts, safety tips and the latest developments from the manufacturers part of the market. Ride Style is distributed among thousants of dutch ANWM members.

Art Direction (2016)

Farmers Dashboard
for Kverneland Kubota

In the spring of 2021 i was asked to help Kverneland Kubota prototype an application that helps farmers optimizing their productivity in a cost effective and sustainable manner. Kverneland Kubota is a Norwegian Japanse manufacturer of agricultural machinery looking for innovative ways to service their clientele. Together with the clients team we developed a dashboard prototype that combines machinery sensor data with GPS (exact machinery location), satellite information (moisture detection, insect infestations, plant health, etc.) & weather data to accurately seed, spray and spread without any overlap.

Prototyping (2021)


From june 2021 untill february 2023 i had to opportunity to work for dutch pride ASML by optimizing the user experience of their diagnostic lithography software. Due to the nano scale and its nature, tiny errors can occur in fabrication of chips resulting in pauzing the production process (very expensive!).

'Our' software enables fab data engineers to spot, diagnose and solve these errors in both the stages of chip design and (preparing) high volume wafer production.

UX Design (2021 - 2023)

Stadsinitiatief CityLab010

CityLab010 is a support program for innovative plans that make a social contribution to Rotterdam(mers).

In 2014 I have designed their website (under its previous moniker 'Stadsinitiatief'), since then CityLab010 has supported more than 200 innovative initiatives that make Rotterdam more fun, more beautiful, greener, more social, safer and stronger.

UI Design (2014)

A Digital Twin for Gasunie

In 2021 Mustafa Akpolat and I helped Gasunie envision the possibilities of a digital twin of their dutch gas network. The prototype we developed bundles sensory data from Gasunie's network with data sources within their IT landscape. By so, it enables data driven decision making regarding daily operations, predictive maintenance to futuristic implementation of the network (hydrogen, industrial heat, etc.). Winner Gasunie Innovation Challenge 2021.

UX Prototyping (2021)

Social Intranet for GLS Logistics

UX Design of GLS Intranet for Finance, Administration, Freight OPS, HR, IT, Customer Service and more. Functions as a centralized single-source-of-truth from business policies, documentation, reports, etc to a user centered information dashboard for all employees & departments.

UX Design (2020)

Event Production Apps
for Het Nieuwe Instituut

With many exhibition projects to prepare, execute, manage, evaluate and archive, Het Nieuwe Instituut (Museum for Architecture, Design & Digital Culture) approached Hoppinger to revisit their internal digital landscape. I had the opportunity being responsible for all the applications UI design.

UI Design (2014)

Exhibition Design for Huis Van Gijn

Exhibition & Campaign design and object photography for 'Klein!', an antique doll house exhibition in Huis Van Gijn from June 2015 untill January 2016.

In the old days dollhouses were not for children to play with, because they were too fragile and too precious. Furnishing the ostentatious dollhouses was a hobby of wealthy ladies. A precious hobby! It was not until the second quarter of the 19th century that doll houses, doll rooms and stalls were made especially for children. But they were only allowed to play with it under supervision.

All exhibition design is based on exsisting materials withdrawn from Huis Van Gijn.

Exhibition Design (2015)

Festival Websites for JMR Event Creators

Infamous of the FFWD Heineken Dance Parade, JMR Event Creators invited us in 2017 to develop the festival website for the World Harbour Busker Festival. This festival hosts a wide range of international street musicians throughout shoppings streets, cafe's and venues during the Rotterdamse Haven Dagen. On our request to provide the festivals visual identity they replied "We have a poster..."

Extracted from this poster, I developed the festivals visual identity, setup the online strategy to attract partners and later on festival visitors, and facilitated the festivals website interaction- and visual design. With an easy switch in the backend, we offered JMR the ability to transform the festival website into an user centered web app when visited on a mobile device during the festival days.

After the sucessfull implementation of the 2nd edition of the World Harbour Buskers Festival, JMR asked us to develop a similiar approach for the Nacht Van De Kaap Festival and their own website.

Branding & UX Design (2018 - 2020)

Signage System for World Heritage Kinderdijk

Between 2010 and 2015 i had the opportunity to help professionalize World Heritage Kinderdijks branding. Ranging from establishing consisency in their marketing activities to optimizing visitor flows in the parc. And from exhibition design in the Museum Mill to the branding of the Visitors Center.

Spatial Design & Branding (2010 - 2015)

Campaign Landing Page for Prinses Beatrix Spierfonds

In 2015 I designed the campagne website for the Prinses Beatrix Spierfonds, featuring dancer and PBS ambassador Jan Kooijman performing a dance for the last time.

UI Design (2015)

UI Design for Omroep West

After offering its services to RTV Rijmond, Hoppinger was approached by regional broadcaster Omroep West to redesign their website. Within the team i was responsible for the visual UI design.

UI Design (2012)

Digital Landscape for Passionate

In 2018 I got contacted by Pony Design Club to discuss a collaboration on the redesign of the websites of Passionate. Passionate evelops festivals, contests and educational materials to promote reading and writing among young people. With many websites to manage, their digital landscape is scattered and requires costly maintenance.

UX Design (2019)

Sales Funnel Optimization
for Philips Global

At Philips Consumer I served two teams improving the user experience & user journeys above the cart and below (inside the cart) the sales funnel and was responsible for implementing UX for high end products-subscriptions. I conducted UX assessments of existing user flows in global e-commerce platforms and performed competitive analysis. Next to this, i was involved in the integration of Google & Apple Pay, Google Product Recommendation AI in Philips' checkout environments and e-Invoicing for Italian markets.

UX Design & Prototyping (2021)

'Ik zoek baas' Campaign for Dierenbescherming

In 2013 I developed the concept for a new campaign for the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals to raise public awareness of shelter animals looking for new life companions. Loosely based on 'human' dating adds in newspapers, the shelter residents portrait themselves in a quirky matter by displaying their odd characteristics.

The campaign appeared in abri's, newspaper & online adds and more, resulting in more than 2.000.000 visitors of ikzoekbaas.nl

Concepting (2013)

Online Strategy for Swartberg

For Netherlands unknown, but most consumed peanut butter producer Swartberg I developed in close collaboration with the CEO their online strategy to successfully position their brand on the international market. Together we defined markets, propositions and persona's, established optimal user flows and sales funnels to generate qualitative leads from their new website.

After exploring multiple prototyped solutions, we defined the final result for which I was also responsible for the visual design, product photography and some nice cinemagraphs.

UX Strategy (2018)

Event Calendar for We Own Rotterdam

We Own Rotterdam is an alternative cultural calendar for the Rotterdam area, monthly catering hundreds of cool events to Rotterdam citizens and tourists. As their CMS started to deteriorate in 2015, I was asked by the board to streamline the renewal project and redesign the agenda's frontend.

UX Design (2016)

Broadcasting Platform for OHM

With more than 120.000 Hindu living in The Netherlands, dutch broadcaster OHM Media serves a wide range of hindu inspired television formats. In their ambition to bundle all their programs on one platform, Hoppinger was commissioned to develop this platform. In close collaboration with the team & the client, I was responsible for the use interface design of the platform.

UI Design (2012)

Documentary for Erasmus MC

To showcase their innovative hygiene programs situated around Erasmus Medical Center's operating rooms, Neon Media was asked to produce a documentary displaying the programs needs, implementation and succeses. In this project I took care of the documentary's production.

Producer (2007)

Branding for Energeia

After serving the UI design of EnergyTracker, an online knowledge bank of all upcoming energy projects in The Netherlands, I was asked by Energeia (part of FD group) to redesign their corporate identity. Situated around various abstractions of energy visualizations, I developed the company logo, its typography & colors schemes and all branded items.

Branding (2013 - 2016)

Mobile Acquisition App for Friesland Campina

To help Friesland Campina sales department calculate the benefits of using its products by possible clients, I designed a tablet app that enables Sales to make offline calculations at the premisses of the client. By entering current and expected coffee and chocolate product usage in the future, the app calculates ideal machinery/product configurations.

UX Design (2015)

Founder @Timiii

Timiii is a hybrid teaching solution to help elementary school teachers to stay connected with kids at home, while being in class. The Timiii hard/software solution enables the kids working from home to stay engaged with classroom dynamics while learning simultaneously with their classmates at school. Timiii reduces home teaching stress for parents to stay productive while working at home.

The Timiii system combines multiple audio- & video sources (digi boards, webcams, teachers headset, etc.) into one data stream thats can be shared via conferencing tools teachers feel comfortable with (Teams, Zoom, Skype, etc). In class sources can be fully controlled by teachers via laptop to adapt to their preferred teaching methodes. A remote controller enables teachers to walk around in class freely, while staying in control of sources to be shared.

Kids at home need a device with webcam, plus a self-to-build tripod ($18,- parts from hardware store) and topdown camera to capture their notebooks' progress for the teacher in class to follow. The notebook video stream can be shown back to the kids at home, with their teachers pointer to address corrections.

UX Design (2020)

App Design for Robeco Smart PPI

In 2013 Robeco developed a new pension product with less operational costs & more returns for its members arriving their retiring age. Robeco approached Hoppinger to design an app that engages members to actively participate in their pension outcome. With Hoppinger having a young team and quite some pension gaps here and there 😉, we were also a pilot audience for Robeco's new product.

We designed an app which provides detailed insight in the expected pension value, including value saved at previous employers, and the (indicative) expected monthly amount that you will receive on your retirement date.

To stimulate app users to save more for their pensions (and avoid drastic income relapse), we implemented some playful functionalities on how to improve this. The app calculates how extra monthly savings during working life impacts the monthly deposits when retired. Users can also calculate the impact of working additional years after reaching their retirement age to see the increase of their monthly deposits.

UI Design (2014)

Visual Design for Neon Media

Many years I worked as a freelance visual designer for Rotterdam' TV- & documentary production house Neon Media. Here I worked on a wide range visual identities and packaging designs for its productions. Also, I was responsible for the design of many grant applications, which I designed as magazines (instead of the common Word files) about the product plans often resulting in granted production funding.

Visual Design (2007 - 2013)

CD Design for Hackensaw Boys

In remembrance of miller René Verkerk, a Hacksaw Boys fan who tragically died in a work accident, the Boys went for a stay in Kinderdijk to celebrate his life with the local community. I was asked to design the packaging, holding the audio recordings & the documentary of their visit.

Packaging Design (2012)

Branding for Lois Jeans

Established in 1962 as the first European denim brand to conquer the world, Lois Jeans to rebooted in 2011 from The Netherlands. I teamed up with denim designer C. Cruden to deliver t-shirt illustrations, product prints & -labels and POS material to launch the brand.

Graphic Design (2011)

UX Design for Play-Off App

Arised from their love for analogue gaming, twins Michiel & Roel Tuin asked Ignation to develop an app to bring together the like minded community, to set matches and keep scores. Throughout a series of branding workshops, we established the apps market position, tone-of-voice and visual identity.

Branding & App Design (2018)

UX Design for Webshop Flow Lab

In 2018 Flow Living opened up 'FlowLabs', a huge Rotterdam concept store featuring a fine range of nordic furniture brands. I was responsible for the online store design, from information architecture and user flows untill the visual design.

UX Design (2019)

Branding for Funduk

Derived from the reluctance of overly styled products with short life spans, I got contacted by German and Austrian friends initiating an online store featuring only simple, high quality products that last no less than a life time. I designed the stores visual identity and its UI.

Visual Identity & UI Design (2014 - 2017)

Visual Design for Worm (The Avantgarde State)

From 2006 until 2011 I designed loads of posters, flyers, monthly programs and media packaging for Worm, NL's most exciting venue featuring the forefront of developments in music, cinema, theatre and art.

Promotional & Packaging Design (2006 - 2011)

UX Strategy for La Palma Oceaanzicht

Packaging design for two seasons of tv series u201cBoijmans TVu201d. Exhibition app design u201cNederland u21c4 Bauhaus u2013 Pioneers of a New Worldu201d. In close collaboration with Kuba Szutkowski of Studio Maslow. u00a0

Packaging & App Design (2019)

UI Design for Nederlands Bakkerij Centrum

In 2013 I designed the website for the Nederlands Bakkerij Centrum (Dutch Bakery Center), the place-to-go all bakery related subjects; regulations, safety, certification and educational programs.

UI Design (2013)

Research Portal for Regionaal Archief Dordrecht

To unlock the rich archive of documentation to the public and institutions, the Regional Archive of Dordrecht approached Hoppinger to collaborate with Picturea on the Archives new digital storefront. Within the team I was responsible for its interface design.

UX Design (2014)

Branding for Martine Viergever Jewelry & Accessories

Since 2006 I support jewelry designer Martine Viergever on branded matters, ranging from visual identity, product catalogues and packaging until exhibition design and product photography.

Branding, UX & Packaging Design (2006 - Today)

Festival Website for Joy of Coding

In 2017 I got contacted by the Job Of Coding crew to team up for the 2017 festival website design. The Joy Of Coding festival offers an exciting program of speakers, workshops and games around the fun side of (software) programming.

UX Design (2017)

Poppodium Boerderij

From 2005 until 2011 I designed the monthly program 'ladder' for the Boerderij, a Zoetermeer concert venue, offering a wide range of alternative concerts & comedy nights.

In close collaboration with its programmer and marketeers, in 2011 I redesigned to ladder to a 5-folded-booklet to inspire its visitors and attract a wider audience.

Graphic Design (2006 - 2011)

Business Propositions for Sony Xperia Touch

To explore the business possibilities of the Xperia Touch, Ignation got contacted by Sony to develop implementation concepts for their latest product.

I designed a hospitality terminal for airports, train stations, hotels lobbys, etc. offering its visitors an intuitive & inspirational information hub to start their stays.

Concepting (2017)

UX Design for KLM Innovation Platform

In 2019 I developed the user experience and visual design of KLM's Innovation Platform. Via this platform KLM employees throughout the whole organization can submit innovative ideas to improve all aspects of the business. Via voting, ideas become plans, supported by the business during implementation.

UX Design (2018)

Branding & UX
for Showroom 11

Rotterdam' fashion agency Showroom 11 invited me to cater their new company's logo, visual identity and website. The result was appreciated by the Semplice community.

Branding & UX Design (2015)


UX Research (Qualitative)
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Interaction Design
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UX & Product Roadmaps
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User Personas
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